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Oky’s principles

Oky for girls

Girl-led design

Oky was designed with and for girls, using girl-centred design and extensive research with girls and their close social circles, including boys, in Mongolia and Indonesia. Girls were the decision makers at every stage: they decided Oky’s look and feel, its functionality and features, and its name.

Involving girls at every step of the design and development process ensures Oky’s relevance for girls.

Gamified Approach

Gamified approach

Oky is girl-centered and engaging, and uses a gamified approach to make learning fun and period tracking discreet.

Through Oky’s gamified design, users can personalize the app, select and unlock their own avatars and themes, play quizzes and get messages from their avatar!

Oky uses period and body-positive language, to remove stigma and add some fun!

Gamified Approach
Designed for girls digital realities

Designed for girls’ digital realities

Girl-centred research helped us understand girls’ digital experiences and habits. Many girls share phones, or live in places where there is little network, or have low end smartphones.

Oky has been tailored for these digital realities. The app is lightweight for lower end phones, and works offline without internet connection. It allows different users to log in on the same phone, and offers strong security and passcode protection. It is localized to girls’ context and language.

Evidence-based content

Evidence-based content

Oky provides evidence-based information about menstruation, puberty, and reproductive health in girl-friendly language, which has been created and vetted by experts. All content is aligned to international standards of sexuality education.

Oky also has referral information directing girls to online and offline advice and services, in case they need support.

Evidence-based content
Open source

Open source

Oky’s code and content is open source.

Anyone can utilize the code or content with no development or licensing costs. Being open source allows continuous co-creation and iteration of the Oky app, and the opportunity to build a truly global Oky community.

The code is publicly available on GitHub, and the content is available upon request.

Private and Securied

Private and secure

With Oky, privacy comes first.

Oky does not capture any personally identifiable data, because it can provide its valuable services to girls and young women without it.

A user’s period information stays private and secure, with a passcode that means that only they have access to their account. Oky has special data governance processes in place to ensure that all user data is secure and protected.

Private and Securied



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