Stress-free periods, with Oky!

For Android Only

Oky was designed by girls and experts to help you...

Learn the facts about periods and your body.

Track your periods, mood and physical symptoms.

Find out when your next period is due so you can plan ahead.

Oky buddies

Friendly characters guide you through the app, plus you can change Oky's style whenever you like!



Your calendar tells you when you can expect your period every month!

Choose different calendar views (day, cycle or month), and get predictions tailored to you.


Knowledge is power!

Oky’s encyclopedia has everything you need to know about periods.

It’s packed with trustworthy, quality information, all vetted by global health experts.

Daily diaries

Keep track of how you feel every day to get to know YOU- and get more accurate predictions of when your next period will be.

Plus, every day you get tips to stay healthy and happy, and can access quizzes to learn the fun way.

It's Oky, it's private!

With Oky, your privacy comes first.

Your information stays private and secure on your phone, with a passcode that means only you have access. Oky is non-commercial and will never share your information with anyone else.

Reuse, recyle

Oky's software & educational content is open source - that means it's available for use by other organisations or individuals.

If you're a developer and want to access or contribute to Oky's code - get in touch.

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